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Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our website. Please check out our entire website. Review all of the services that we offer and the educational programs. Our website is designed where you can review our materials in your native language, by clicking on the language translator tab at the top of this page.

Petra Consultants, Inc. has been in business since 1989. We are an International Health Care Consulting and Education Company. We provide the latest educational programs for advancement of your staff within the clinical and administrative areas of health care. Our focus is to help you to excel in your area of specialty and to make your hospital more marketable to your customer base. Our consulting services help you to assess your problem areas, locate resolutions to those problems and implement the latest evidence-based research and practice into your organization.

We have a very large client base. Over the past 21 years we have serviced hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, research centers, rehab hospitals, specialty care hospitals, university hospital systems and other free-standing health care organizations in every state in the continuous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Island, Puerto Rico and the Countries listed below:

  • 1.   Bahrain
  • 2.   Canada
  • 3.   China
  • 4.   Denmark
  • 5.   Dominican Republic
  • 6.   Egypt
  • 7.   Europe
  • 8.   France
  • 9.    Germany
  • 10.  Haiti
  • 11.  India
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  • 13.  Ireland
  • 14.  Israel
  • 15.  Italy
  • 16.  Jamaica
  • 17.   Korea
  • 18.   Kuwait
  • 19.   Morocco
  • 20.   Mexico
  • 21.   Oman
  • 22.   Philippines
  • 23.   Portugal
  • fotos de mi ex desnuda y grabada

  • 25.   Saudi Arabia
  • 26.   Singapore
  • 27.   Spain
  • 28.   Sweden
  • 29.   Switzerland
  • 30.   South Africa
  • 31.   Sri Lanka
  • 32.   Thailand
  • 33.   United Arab Emirates

We have offered through a non-profit affiliate of ours services to the following countries free
as a Charity over the years:

  • 1.   Haiti
  • 2.   Mexico
  • 3.   Jamaica
  • 4.   Nepal
  • 5.   Nigeria
  • 6.   Romania
  • 7.   Ghana
  • 8.   Ethiopia
  • 9.    Pakistan
  • 10.  Palestine
  • 11.  Several of the Former USSR States
  • 12.  Sri Lanka
  • 13.  Taiwan
  • 14.  Vietnam
  • 15.  Venezuela

Countries that we are currently looking at adding clients are:

  • 1.   Australia
  • 2.   New Zealand
  • 3.   Peru
  • 4.   Russia
  • 5.   Fiji
  • 6.   Japan
  • 7.   Other Areas of South Africa
  • 8.   Brazil
  • 9.    Columbia
  • 10.  Iceland

Petra Consultants, Inc. has Consultants with extensive experience with Cultural Diversity, Cultures for Excellence, Health Work Environment, and Cultures that promote shared governance and Succession Planning. If your organization is Joint Commission Certified, or desiring to be, you need to contact us and let a consultant provide an onsite assessment for your organization FREE of CHARGE (Domestic only) to your organization. If your organization has begun the pathway to excellence with Magnet Certification as your goal, then you will definitely want to have our Consulting Department meet with your organization. We can help you design a program/plan that will be cost effective, that will get you to the survey process successfully.

We guarantee our services! Most consulting companies do not offer any types of guarantees. Each consulting program has a specific type of guarantee based upon the services we are providing. Consulting Services This will provide you on more info regarding these programs and their guarantees.

We also guarantee the lowest consulting prices in the industry. We have moved our Corporate Offices into the 21st Century with Technology. We can provide Consultants and Educators to organizations without the expensive overheads of most organizations. We also offer our International Clients Teleconferencing Options to help decrease the cost. Depending up on the international hospital’s technology we can in some cases conduct onsite visits via SKPE or teleconferencing that allow us to conduct a preliminary consulting visit and advise the program that would be best for that organization. When we can offer these programs, the only expense the client hospital incurs in the conferencing fees we pay. Our consultants provide this initial service for free, to prove the value of our services to our clients.


Fotos de mi ex desnuda y grabada

  Have our Dynamic Consultants provide you with onsite consulting services. We have services for Acute Care and Long Term Care.

Have one of our Nurse Educators provide educational programs and/or certification review programs on-site free of charge to your facility.



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Are you frustrated with the changes that are occurring in health care in your area? Are Health Care reform issues, Mandatory Staffing Minimums, Union Negotiations, HIPPA & Privacy Issues causing problems? Are you ready to advance your facility into the 21st century, but legal issues and IS issues with the use of computers and technology stopping you?