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New and exciting changes are coming to our website and programs for 2013:   We will have mobile apps for your smart phones for Consulting Services, Educational Programs and another Educational Website in the Fall that will allow Educational Program Participants to have access to exam resources online.  Keep checking back with us!  The first mobile apps will roll-out in June, 2013. 




Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our website. Please check out our entire website. Review all of the services that we offer and the educational programs. Our website is designed where you can review our materials in your native language, by clicking on the language translator tab at the top of this page. To learn more about our company click on the tab About Us.


We have Practice Test Books and Resource Book available for all of our Review Classes.  All of the books have been updated for 2013 version of the exams.  Click on the Products page to see when the new revised books will be ready and the order form for pre-publication pricing is also listed on the bottom of that page.

Our Audio CD programs have all been updated for the 2013 test content and are available for ordering on our products page.  They will be available on Mobile Apps later this summer.  Our DVD Programs are also being updated to the new ANCC testing materials that effects most of the exams for ANCC.  Other programs are also being updated to add in new evidence based practice and resource tools.  The DVD programs will be available in the Fall, 2013.  



  Have our Dynamic Consultants provide you with onsite consulting services. We have services for Acute Care and Long Term Care.

Have one of our Nurse Educators provide educational programs and/or certification review programs on-site free of charge to your facility.



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Are you frustrated with the changes that are occurring in health care in your area? Are Health Care reform issues, Mandatory Staffing Minimums, Union Negotiations, HIPPA & Privacy Issues causing problems? Are you ready to advance your facility into the 21st century, but legal issues and IS issues with the use of computers and technology stopping you?